Welcome to The Radiance Within,

A three month online journey into your most Radiant Self, through the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine and the power of Rituals.

In Chinese Medicine, the Elements from Nature (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) are reflected in our Inner Self (physical, emotional, spiritual)

We are connected to the cyclical nature of the Universe.

To the rhythm of the Seasons.

Together we will embark on a Journey back to our Inner Radiant Self, connected with the Elements both in nature and within our bodies!

You’ll be guided into creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle, inviting more peace into your lives!

About the Journey

Have you ever felt somewhat disconnected from the Wisdom of your own body?

As if you inner rhythm wasn’t aligned with the natural cycles of Nature?

Craving more rituals and balance in your daily life?

Or simply curious about the Five Elements and the guidance they offer?

Then this Journey is for you.

We'll cover

  • The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, and how they reflect into our bodies and lives
  • What’s your dominant element
  • Practices to connect with each element in your daily life
  • The power of Rituals
  • How to create a lifestyle that works for YOU

Six modules
- two weeks each -


Planting the Seed,
Anchoring into presence

Spleen & Stomach

  • Opening circle
  • Yin masterclass with Dunja
  • Guided meditation
  • Journaling prompt
  • Ritual
  • Food recipe
  • The Earth Element Guide


Creating Space Letting go 

Lungs & Large Intestine

  • Breathwork intensive with Brittany
  • Guided meditation & breathwork
  • Journaling prompt
  • Ritual
  • Food recipe
  • The Metal Element Guide


Finding fluidity in transition & aligning with your Inner flow

Kidneys & Bladder

  • Liquid Flow with Luna
  • Guided meditation
  • Journaling prompt
  • Ritual
  • Food recipe
  • The Water Element Guide


Solidifying the roots

Making plans

Liver & Gallblader

  • Primal shake with Eugénie
  • Guided meditation
  • Journaling prompt
  • Ritual
  • Food recipe
  • The Wood Element Guide


Igniting our Inner Fire

Heart & Small Intestine

  • Circle & Fire ceremony with Eugénie
  • Guided breathwork
  • Journaling prompt
  • Ritual
  • Food recipe
  • The Fire Element Guide


Closing the Journey



  • Closing Ceremony
  • Qigong class with Eric Zhao
  • Guided meditation
  • Journaling prompt
  • 1o1 Coaching call with Eugénie to integrate the Journey


Opening Circle – January 15th, 6.30pm

Yin Yoga class with Dunja – January 16th, 10.30am

Breathwork Intensive with Brittany – January 30th, 10.30am

Liquid Flow with Luna – February 13th, 2pm

Primal shake with Eugénie – February 27th, 10.30am

Circle and Fire Ceremony with Eugénie – March 12th, 6.30pm

Qi Gong class with Eric and closing circle – March 27th, 10.30am

Guest teachers


Dunja Zabunovic

The Earth Element

Dunja is a 500h certified yoga teacher from Serbia. She has dedicated her life to learning and sharing the practices that so profoundly influenced her life. 11 years ago she discovered the physical practice of yoga, and has since been more and more intrigued by the subtle forces. Her interests have lead her towards yoga nidra, restorative, and yin as well as the use of sound, herbs/plants, and intuition. Through the study of these disciplines, she discovered the magic and power of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a powerful tool for transformation.


Brittany Lillegard

The Metal Element

A corporate dropout, I began exploring meditation and breathwork as a way to recover from an intense burnout and severe depression nearly a decade ago. Fostering a deep connection with my breath has allowed me to healthfully move through grief, safely explore, express and release emotions, strengthen my immune system, and connect deeply with my intuition. It has been such a powerful tool of healing for me, that it has since become my mission to help any human with a set of lungs and nose build a deeper relationship with their own breath.

With our lungs and nose being heavily connected to the element Metal, breathwork is a powerful tool connecting with this element, allowing us to find deep release and an even deeper connection to ourselves and the Universe. I am humbled to be able to bring connection and exploration of this element through breathwork.


Luna Joséphine

The Water Element

Movement. All started from there; from moving. As a former ballet dancer, I was often confronted with perfection, which led me to this endless circle of never being enough… until Yoga came into my life.
Craving knowledge and searching for a deeper way to heal my wounds, I started a Vinyasa teacher training which allowed me to find my voice, to stop being afraid of imperfection and to find my own movement practice that is very much connected to my dance background. Through the movement, I express my wounds and my hidden emotions. As weird as this sounds, I like to say I teach feelings. Actually, I don’t even call myself a « teacher ». I facilitate and hold space. I guide emotions in motion.

Born during a peak of a Full Moon in Cancer, the element of water inspires my everyday life, from the way I move to the way I breathe. Growing up by the sea, I made this chemical bound with the ocean, doing my first meditations to the sounds of the waves.
For me, water emerges within as a lubrication of feelings. It is about sensing them all, letting them flow, accepting them as they come and go… just like the ever-changing flow of the ocean.


Eric Zhao

Integrating all the Elements

Eric is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitionner, Qigong teacher, and energy healer.
He believes that every one can increase one’s vital potential through an adapted lifestyle and the cultivation of one’s Qi flow.