Welcome my love,
Into the sisterhood journey we are about to co-create.

The Womb Circle is a safe space
A sacred gathering of women
Exploring sisterhood together
And finding our way deeper into our Womb space

Our pillars - Sisterhood & Womb Wisdom

We’ll create & nurture a loving relationship with our Wombs, learning how to tune in with our innate feminine wisdom.
You'll learn about your feminine cycles & organs from a holistic point of view, and experience both physical & spiritual practices to connect and create your own relationship with your body & womb.

This journey is also one of deep sisterhood - experiencing connection with other women in a safe space, and the magic that results from it. Together we rise, sisters!

What you'll experience

Every evening together will be like a mini-retreat.
We'll dive deep into different practices & ceremonies,
And take time to connect and share precious moments together

The magic we'll explore:

Opening Ceremony
Menstrual Cycle & Chinese Medicine workshop
Cacao & Womb Ceremony with Britta
Dance exploration
Fire Ceremony
Sharing circles
Sensual flow & self-massage
Voice release workshop with Katty
Creativity & Art workshop
& more

The full day retreat will be a culmination of our journey together and filled with divine feminine practices

The Feminine

Feminine & masculine are not about gender - they are energetics at play within each and everyone of us.
Living in a predominantly masculine society has created a lack of connection to our feminine. Being feminine has been associated with “too much, too emotional, weak… “ and so on.

It’s time to bring back more balance, welcoming the feminine energy and celebrating her in all its glory.

The feminine is wild, chaotic, loving, intuitive, nurturing, creative.
She knows how to receive, surrender, open herself up to all the magic from this world.
She is wise, powerful, and embodies the fullness of existence.

The divine feminine is the inner mother, sister, creatrix goddess we can all access within

She takes residence in our wombs, in our bellies where she nurtures her fire and tends to her garden.
When we start speaking and connecting with her, the fire and garden will flourish and give us wisdom, nourishment, joy & pleasure. Guiding us into living a life of pleasure, joy, infinite abundance and connection with yourself, and others.
When we don’t pay attention, and forget her presence, she’ll do all she can to warn us, from symptoms to emotions.

She is waiting for us.
It's time to remember,
And reconnect

The timeline

We meet every Thursday for 7 weeks -

Every evening together will be like a mini-retreat. We'll dive deep into different practices & ceremonies, and take time to connect and share precious moments together.

This journey also includes a full day retreat.

  • Day 1 - February 10th, 6.30pm
  • Day 2 - February 17th, 6.30pm
  • Day 3 - December 24th, 6.30pm
  • Day 4 - March 3rd, 6.30pm
  • Day 5 - March 10th, 6.30pm
  • Day 6 - March 17th, 6.30pm
  • Day 7 - March 24, 6.30pm
  • Retreat day - April 3rd, 10am-6pm

The investment


With the code ``WOMBMAGIC`` until December 31st


The location

We'll meet at Roots & Wings,
A unique, gorgeous and sacred location in De Pijp, Amsterdam.


``There is no amount of words that can truly describe how much value TWC holds, and how it helped me connect with a part of me that I have misunderstood and hated for the bigger part of my life.

This Sisterhood has been everything.

It broke down old behavior patterns that did nothing to help me connect with my womb. It helped me understand from a logical, intuitive and loving perspective how my womb wants to be treated and taken care of. How she wants to be held and carried. How she wants to be heard, celebrated, accepted, and loved unconditionally.

It's hard to choose my favorite moment during our journey, from the flowing tears, the ``aha``-moments during the TCM workshop, baptising myself in my own sweat during dancing, or almost burning my fingers from setting flame to paper during the fire ceremony. But my Taurus heart chose the cacao ceremony, where I cried the hardest. The cacao was delicious, the ceremony was beautiful and deep. But the most valuable thing to see was that our loving space holder and force behind TWC, Eugenie, was now letting herself be fully held, too. She, too, is part of the Sisterhood and I was happy that she felt that, too.

This circle has been life changing for me. The lessons, the Sisters, the love and gratitude... I will carry them in my heart.

It doesn't matter what your connection with your womb looks or feels like. TWC is a gift of celebration from femininity, to femininity, for femininity.``

Shannon, Netherlands