Welcome my love,
Into the sisterhood journey we're about to co-create.

The Womb Circle is a safe space,
A sacred gathering of women,
In which you'll be held,
And find your way deeper into your Womb space.

We hold generations of powerful medicine women in our DNA.
We embody years of their wisdom & medicine, in the here and now.

We are the wise women,
We are the medicine.
Our open hearts are beautiful,
Our open Yoni are powerful.

What you'll experience

Opening Ceremony

We’ll open the journey together with special meditation, rituals & sharing circle

Menstrual Cycle workshop 

A Masterclass on cyclical living & Chinese Medicine

With Q&A for everyone to participate

Dance Party

Let’s get out of our head, and into our bodies!
With a special playlist to awaken your sacral chakra and drop into our womb space

Cacao & Womb ceremony

Britta, the true Cacao goddess will guide us through a very special ceremony, with sacred rituals to connect with our Wombs even deeper

Sensual Yoga class

I’ll be guiding you into this sensual flow,

Spicy, slow & yummy

Meditation & Womb Mandala painting

A very special artist, Pauline Gisele, is creating a Womb Mandala for us to gather around, meditate upon and finally, paint. An evening to connect with your creativity, and let your feminine intuition guide you

Fire Ceremony

Together, we’ll let go of what no longer serve us

Using the power of sharing circle & fire

Closing Ceremony

Closing the journey we shared as we started,


But also..

Pre- recorded meditations & practices to enjoy at your own pace

1o1 guidance available during the journey

A very special gift of Cacao, Sage and other surprises..

My loves, I am looking forward to welcome you inside.

The timeline

Opening Ceremony
Friday 21st May – 6pm


Menstrual Cycle workshop
Saturday 29th May – 10am


Dance party
Sunday 6th June – 11am


Cacao & Womb ceremony by Britta from The Cacao Circle
Friday 11th June – 7pm


 Sensual Yoga class
Saturday 19th June- 10am


 Meditation & Womb Mandala painting
Saturday 26th June- 6pm


 Fire Ceremony
Sunday 4th July- 7pm


 Closing Ceremony 
Sunday 11th July – 7pm